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Donor Tools


Donor Tools is an online website for donation management for the organizations. Organizations can raise their funds through this site. Donor Tools offers a portal for supporters to donate conveniently.

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10 Best Donor Tools Alternatives


GoFundMe is a popular American crowdfunding platform launched in 2010. It helps people to collect donations or allows individuals to create fundraising campaigns. GoFundMe is used to collect charitable funds and other purposes for launching new business plans.


Razoo is an online fundraising service and donation management solution. Razoo allows individuals and organization to raise funds social projects and personal causes.


Crowdrise is a platform to raise charitable donations easily. This platform is used by many organizations to raise their donations and funds.

Donate Kindly

Donate kindly is a donation tool that helps easily donate money for the donors and t is easy to set up and add to your organization site. Donate kindly is secured services and users can easily customize it according to the requirements.

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is service that raises money from corporate matching gifts and management software. Users can double the donation easily by matching gifts. Double the Donation works with nonprofit companies, universities and churches for funding via corporate matching gifts.


Fundly is an online crowdfunding website for fundraising. It allows politics, clubs, churches and many others to raise funds or money online. Users can also raise money with help from friends, social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc.


Ulule is the largest crowdfunding platform that supports users to raise funds for their business or social projects. Ulule is founded in 2010 and headquartered in Paris. Any person can launch a campaign in the world via Ulule.

Little Green Light

Little Green Light is a cloud-based donor management application used to track information about donors and board members. Little Green Light is a Customer Relationship Management software.


DonorBox is offline fundraising software that allows organizations and individuals to receive donations over the internet. DonorBox is used by many organizations such as schools, mosques, churches, political campaigns and many others.


Kickstarter is an American popular fundraising tool or used to maintain global crowdfunding based in Brooklyn, New York. This project helps to complete creative projects of life. Kickstarter helps fundraisers to get money from donors and share their final projects on Kickstarter pages.

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