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Inlivo is a free health coaching application used for weight loss. It gives a beautiful and clean user interface. It monitors you how to achieve your goals.

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6 Best Inlivo Alternatives for iOS


Calorie and weight tracker app tracks user food and weight variations. The user data is stored on device memory because data cannot share to cloud or sever. The data can be easily imported or exported when needed.


LifeSum offers to set a goal and tell how to achieve it. It tracks your exercise and what you eat on the web or Smartphone.


This is the calorie tracking app, with this app you can eat according to everyday routine. By this regular routine users remains fit and healthy.

EatHealthy Tracker

EatHealthy Tracker helps the user to track its unhealthy and healthy days. In simple words, diet tracking features give achievements and goals. User can also make specific goals or diet plans.


Dieting app that helps the user to track daily meal and help the user to be healthy.


This app is good for gaining, losing and maintaining weight. This is a calorie counter and food diary a user can track food easily with the help of barcode scanner. With the help of this app, the user can reach its goals easily and control its diet. It also provides healthy recipes.

Inlivo Reviews

  1. I think this app is awesome! I am studying to be a nutritionist, and all the information on here goes right along with what we are being taught. Live is very helpful and full of insight. I like the clean set-up and design of the app; it makes it much more user-friendly. I understand that the app is a little newer compared to others and that is why the food database is not as big. Honestly, it is not that hard to add food anyways. My only wish is that it would sync up with my Apple Watch across all platforms to keep up with steps, workouts, etc… I am excited to get the lifetime version when I can. All in all, I think this is an awesome app that will help people do more than count macros and calories!! I plan to tell my family and future clients about it.


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