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The ROM Depot


ROMs site that gives you free ROMs for classical video games. You don’t have to do any registration, survey, or waiting.

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8 Best The ROM Depot Alternatives


CoolROM is a database and download site for emulators and ROMs of classic videogame systems such as Nintendo 64, SNES, Game Boy and more. Have you ever wanted to play old videogames on your computer? Emulators allow you to run software and games made for another system and to play games for those systems, you use ROMs. CoolROM provides more information about this gaming phenomenon as well as downloads for various emulators and ROMs.

ROMs Mania

This is the biggest collection of gaming ROMs, you can download free Gaming ROMs and Emulators from ROMs Mania.


This website offers gaming ROMs for many consol, Bios, and Emulators. You can download it by one click.


It gives information for a gaming system and provides downloads for classical game emulators.


RomMode is a website that provides free ROM downloads and available to play on mobile phone or PC.

Download ROMS

Download emulators and ROMs for GB, PSP, PS2, XBOX and more. All games work on iOS, PC, MAC, and Android.


This is one of the best gaming site on the internet. User can download free ROMs for GCN, SEGA, PSX and more.


This is not a huge database, good for non-English players. Emulators and ROMs for DC, SS, PSP, PS2, N64, and XBOX.

The ROM Depot Reviews

  1. The ROM Depot is a great website for downloading the roms! You just search what you need, find it in the search results, and as soon as you click what you need, it starts downloading! It also has some rom hacks that people have made! If you want a rom, this is the place to go!


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