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VPN.ac is a Romania-based VPN service that provides users with advanced encryption, very secure programs, and terrific performance. Their network consists entirely of committed bare-metal servers with self-hosted DNS and gigabit bandwidth stations. VPN.ac also provides you with unique encryption protocols, double-hop server configurations, and secure proxy browser extensions.

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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is flexible internet security and privacy solution. Besides protecting you from dangerous online threats, in addition, it protects your privacy and lets you access any blocked sites and content.

Pros of VPN.ac

  • Dedicated bare-metal servers with self-hosted encrypted DNS
  • Excellent rates with plenty of available bandwidth
  • Multihop (dual VPN) server configurations (18)
  • Great obfuscation features with many different encryption Choices
  • Secure proxy extensions

Cons of VPN.ac

  • Minimal connection logs (no action, erased daily)

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