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AirDroid allows you to access and manage your own Android phone Or tablet computer from Windows, Mac, or the internet, wirelessly, at no cost.

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5 Best AirDroid Alternatives for iOS

Portal by Pushbullet

Getting images, videos, and other documents from your PC Onto your phone ought to be painless and quick. The portal helps by making it as simple as drag and drop. Files are moved over your WiFi connection, which means that they do not count toward your cell data limit. This also means files are transferred very quickly (even if they are more than 1 GB in size).



AirMore is a cross-platform application that allows you to connect your mobile device to PC wirelessly. Free you from cables and clients. The only thing you need to do is to open the web browser on the PC. AirMore allows you to stream pictures and videos to your PC easily. Transferring is no longer necessary as you can easily stream media files to a large screen and share it with others.

AirMore supports a wide range of document formats like txt, doc, Xls, ppt, pdf, epub and so on. You can upload, download them on the web. You can also create new folders in the iOS devices and add new files.

Easily transfer your files between your device and PC with clicks, including local media flies. No need for cables.

Scan the QR Code on AirMore web and get connected at ease. (For now, local network connection only)

AirMore makes the transfer between mobile device and PC more private and secure, as your approval is required for a successful connection.


Pushover is a simple push notification application that integrates easily into web apps like IFTTT, shell scripts, servers, network monitors like Nagios, and anything else that needs to send notifications to your iPhone, Android, iPad, and Desktop.  It includes home-screen and lock-screen widgets, support for sending notifications to Android Wear watches, and a Tasker event plugin.


Xender File transfer - World's best phone to phone file transfer and app sharing. Get the simplest way to transfer file and app from one phone to another with high speed, no need for cable or Wifi or mobile connection and totally free unlimited data use.

Xender is intended to satisfy the requirement of the users to transfer files with other devices and also iPhone devices thus supporting cross-platform transfers. You can share pictures, games, movies, videos, files and even apps. Truly an incredible app due to the remarkable speed to document transfer. Demand for Xender is rising day by day demonstrating over 1 million consumers and 4.3 rating in Play Store. It encourages to listen to music, view images and play videos and transfer data in a single click.

What it enables you to do:

  • Share pictures, movies, videos, games and apps anytime, without the necessity of mobile data connection.
  • You can transfer all of your data from the old phone to a new phone in one click with the Phone replicate button.
  • Insert your user name and graphics.
  • View your photographs, listen to music, and watch movies or videos.
  • Connect up to 5 devices at exactly the exact same time and share images very quickly.
  • Give a"buzz" to someone or"kick" someone from the group.


The usual method for managing and transferring files between Android and Mac systems has always been fairly primitive, and so we thoroughly designed HandShaker to make simple managing content on your phone from the Mac.

Pros of AirDroid

  • Very simple and easy user interface and none of the users must get into issues while getting started with it.
  • Very easy and simple to get connected. Just enter the IP Address or see and scan the QR Code to Begin.
  • Effortless to transfer files with no type of limits so long as the smartphone and computer are linked to the same Wifi network. It makes the local AirDroid link the ideal choice for wired data transfer.
  • The Airdroid desktop program is also available, which is handy if you use AirDroid a lot, or want to receive the maximum expert benefits for those who have paid for the premium edition of AirDroid.
  • Aside from managing documents on the smartphone, it's simple to manage several different components on the smartphone, including photos, videos, audio, ringtones, camera, programs, etc.. Therefore, you can handle almost everything from your personal computer with it.
  • Offers very simple clipboard text and syncing sending feature, which is handy to send links and significant things from your computer to the smartphone to get them later once you get time.
  • Features support for finding your missing apparatus, which can be pretty handy in the event you lose it. This feature will work only when the devices are connected to the web.
  • The AirDroid mobile program also offers some useful features like screen recording, sending files from 1 Android apparatus to other, apparatus backup and other similar items from the 'Tools' section.
  • So those were the experts of using AirDroid. Just about all of the attributes are free of any bugs, which eventually provide great performance.

Cons of AirDroid

  • There's a massive limit on sending documents on AirDroid free via the net. The individual file size limitation is 30 MB, and there's a limitation on total transport of 200 MB per session. You'll need to get the premium version to get over the constraints.
  • The premium version also includes an individual file size limitation of 100 MB online version, and the Android Premium for PC desktop program can get over the restriction to move single files of 1 GB. That's still a disappointing dimensions, which is transmitted.
  • Mirroring for WhatsApp or other popular messaging software isn't supported. That's a huge con. Who do send and get a good deal of SMS messages nowadays!
  • It's impossible to get into the camera of your smartphone via AirDroid web if you're connected on the internet. To get that, you'll need to find the paid premium version.
  • The free version does not have the choice to transfer folders into the remote device. The premium version is vital for that.
  • AirDroid isn't a paid once and enjoy forever service. To find the top AirDroid account, you'll have to find the monthly or annual subscription. It's practically Rs. 140 a month, and will be Rs. 1,980 if billed annually. Thus, should you not need to transfer plenty of files, the free ad-supported AirDroid is the right for you.
  • Logging in over the net by scanning a QR Code is not the quickest. Even after scanning I had to wait for a few seconds before the relationship becomes successful.
  • The link between the pc and smartphone isn't secure. Therefore, I will always advise you to use a VPN on both your pc and smartphone before you begin using AirDroid for transferring files over the net. I won't even suggest the local link mode on anonymous and insecure WiFi networks. I also have seen numerous reviews of AirDroid whining about its safety.
  • The AirDroid AirMirror attribute is really slow. It requires a whole lot of time to begin. Moreover, that's restricted to a internet connection, and you can't use the attribute on a local network unless you're connected via

Features of AirDroid

  • Support file transfer over the internet and local network.
  • Support viewing the messages and replying over the network.
  • Supports direct notification.
  • Supports taking screenshots of the device remotely.
  • Supports accessing the camera of the device remotely.
  • Supports music and video management of the remote device.

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