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AnonymoX is an initiative for anonymization on the Internet. The purpose is to revive the users right of anonymity in the net. Most sites monitor the behavior of the users, giving the sites hosts the ability to analyze the overall users behavior and make detailed user profiles, which are often offered to third parties.

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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is flexible internet security and privacy solution. Besides protecting you from dangerous online threats, in addition, it protects your privacy and lets you access any blocked sites and content.

Hotspot Shield produces a virtual private network (VPN) between your device and its Internet gateway. This impenetrable tube prevents snoopers hackers, and ISP's from spying on your web surfing activities, instant messages, downloads, credit card information or anything else you send over the network.

Hotspot Shield is a fast and user-friendly VPN that easily hides your IP address and unblocks US Netflix. It has a massive server network and custom VPN programs for many popular devices. While Hotspot Shield allows torrenting and P2P file-sharing, its logging coverage isn't great for complete privacy.

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