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Cocoleech is a free premium link generator and debris service which helps you to download your file from any file host directly as a premium user. CocoLeech offers the highest download speeds. Cocoleech also offers premium membership at affordable prices. You can download from 40 file hosts with only one account.

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1 Best Cocoleech Alternatives for Android

Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a site that allows users to download web-hosted files or stream them into an online player. Real Debrib provides legal services and cannot display links to illegal files. Users can stream any audio or video files from any hoster on the web player. It includes a variety of unrestricted hosts, so by using Real Debrib users can download any file with restrictions from anywhere. Real Debrib offers many hosters with fast downloading speed at a low price than different hosters with more features.

Mostly it is used by those users who want HD media with fast speed and fewer buffering.

Real Debrid offers new streamings resources to a user (never use and seen before). It charges 4.64$ for subscription per month and the free version of it used between 6 am and noon.

The user has to face two problems with Real Debrid. Firstly it gives less benefit for those users who use official sources, but it is more beneficial for those who use copyrighted material. Secondly, it charges money for its user and does not link to copyright files. So it is not helpful for the Kodi users. There are many other high-quality streaming platforms available like Netflix. If the user wants to improve the quality, there are some ways to get better quality without resorting to Real Debrid. Real Debrid offers various features to the subscribers or membership users.

Pros of Cocoleech

  • Easy to use
  • Best Rapidgator premium link generator
  • Works for many file-hosting sites
  • Can download up to 10 files for free at a time
  • High download speed
  • Premium offers with unlimited bandwidth
  • Premium offers a loyalty point

Cons of Cocoleech

  • Frequent link generation error with the free version
  • The free version only allows you to download 1GB Data
  • To download very large files using CocoLeech, you need a VIP member
  • Ads usually pop up when you are browsing, it is not so much of a great deal but it usually takes a while to close them up
  • Browse through 5 Ads before your download link is able to generate

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