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Users can easily and quickly develop the website by using Pingendo. This software is based on HTML5 and Bootstrap.

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20 Best Pingendo Alternatives

Pika Website builder

Pika Website builder is a web designing software that offers a visual interface for creating and manipulating HTML websites.


A bracket is a freeware software for web development that supports different types of languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript


Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse mostly used by web designers for graphic designing and creates unique websites without writing code.


Jimdo Is used to create an online store and free website with 500MB storage space, save up to 12,5oo photos. It offers an easy interface for users, simple drag and drop interface, and much more.


It offers drag and drops features to design a website with the help of CSS material design. Gramateria is built with grapes js, so it is relaxed and friendly for users.


Hadron is a web platform that is used to generate code visual quickly and fastly. It provides an easy interface for the users.


Jetstrap is the web-based building tool for twitter bootstrap. User cannot require any software, just log in and develop. Users can access it from everywhere.


Webs is a website builder platform without any programming experience required.

VisualNEO Web

VisualNEO Web is the most accessible web developing app for beginners. It offers a drag and drop interface feature for the user. It is based on simple programing language (NeoScript).


The Professional web developing platform for developers to create, manage and host the website.

Boomer Marketing

It allows the user to create a website easily and quickly connect to the customers. Through an app, users can update and post on all social channels. In minutes users can create a site for business.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a modern way to build a website, and it offers free website templates. Users can quickly create free and straightforward sites. Users can get free templates by scratching coupons.

Serif Web Plus

Serif Web Plus is a powerful platform to develop and design websites with professional and unique quality only and efficiently without any knowledge of HTML.

HTML5 multiple website builder

The user can create ultimate mobile websites with the help of HTML5 various website builders. It provides an easy user interface and tools for its users to host a website easily.

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is a software developed by Google to build HTML5 content for any device.


The Artisteer, web development tool, is the first web design automation item that makes beautiful looking and unique website themes and templates.


Blocs is powerful and faster web developing tool that offers easy web designing without writing any code. Users can easily design a website without typing source code.


Mobirise is a Freeware software used for web designing. It is used to make a beautiful website on any device. Users can create a design website by drag and drop method with coding.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is used for web building purposes.  Adobe Dreamweaver is mostly used by web developers and web designers.

Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap Studio is a powerful software used for web designing by using the Bootstrap framework. A desktop app with a wide range of built-in features like users can drop and drag to assemble a responsive web page.

It provides an easy and powerful interface for the user to work and understand it easily. It offers perfect tools for designing web pages and applications. This software also provides premium templates to the user that can be customizable. Every model consists of different widgets and many pages that users can easily select and design a beautiful website. It consists of many components like header, footers, and many other essential tools.

It allows the user to work on multiple languages like HTLM, JavaScript, Advanced CSS, and others. It also offers more features like grid tools (specific tools for working like create, resize, and offset columns), one-click publishing, smooth animation, some built-in themes, and icons, productivity features, automatically updates.

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