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StumbleUpon is the most powerful Online Application, which enables you to find your favorite content directly under one stage.  The program is available to use on Windows, iOS, and Android mobile phones and tablet computers.  It helps the users to discover and speed web-pages, videos, and photographs that are personalized to your preferences.... read more

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20 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Best Vines

Best Vines is a free online Entertainment application available on mobile phones and tablet computers, developed by AVodev.  It's not a social network application where you can upload, vote, and discuss the content, but it's an app in which you watch the funniest and most clever vines.



iFunny is an exceptional app that enables its users to enjoy the best collection of memes, videos, and pics.  Aside from exploring through a large group of mems and amusing stuff presented here, iFunny helps you in creating your collection.  It's an enjoyable Application that smiles at you when you need it.



9GAG is a Free Online Social Media app where the user uploads and discuss user-generated content.  It's millions of visitors daily that will kill time and make new friends all over the world.  The app loads quickly and allow effortless scrolling to waste no time for choosing memes enough or up laugh.


Funny or Die

Funny or Die is an Online Entertainment Application that brings the most entertaining content on the internet right over your mobile phones and tablets.  It contains all of the exclusive content in the regular team of in-house authors, directors, producers, and sometimes from numbers of famous subscribers like James Franco and Judd Apatow.


Wishbone is an addictive social platform that lets you compare items with the community of people around you.  The application covers everything from fashion, actors, music, and films, etc..  Join your friends and favorite celebrities by voting on every single dozen that is refreshed daily.



VK is a social networking application that unites millions of people through the sharing and messaging of information anywhere around the globe.  It offers all the substantial services to allow you to have an exquisitely distinctive experience.  You can send messages, share videos, stories, photos, watch videos, and enjoy live streams with no limitation.  The application also introduces a new feature that lets you list music and play an assortment of games with other users around the globe.


The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a gigantic collection of some of the world's most pointless sites.  It comprises a giant button that leads you towards another great useless site that lets you have fun, anytime you want.  The program takes you to one of several entertaining websites, some of which you will understand and love and others which may be completely new to you.



Mubble is a social networking application based on where you are, not who you are.  You're freely permitted to use this application to connect with the people and places around you, wherever you are, totally safe and protected.  Mubble program never shares your exact location with anybody you want.  First, you want to set the dimensions of your Mubble and instantly see who is what is happening around you.



Websta is a service that enables users to perform more than simple surfing in their Instagram account.  The solution makes it simple for users to utilize their Instagram just like they're using a smartphone.  It enables users to enjoy and comment on any post that appears on their deadline or any place on Instagram.



TheCHIVE is a Photo-Entertaining Application developed on the marketplace by Resignation Media Inc.  The application entertains you with the funniest and finest photos, gifs, and movies available on the net.  It's a free application, and you can get it all around the world.  Additionally, it is known as home to the top funny, exciting, and exciting stuff.


LOL Pics

LOL Pics is a hugely entertaining tool made by Tap Tap Entertainment, where you can enjoy the most fantastic content to have a hilarious time with no price tag.  It's an addictive application that comprises the best funny pics, jokes, gifs, and memes you may get on your mobile devices and tablet computers.  It's a massively gorgeous place for you to receive exquisite content, whether you would like to explore neglect pics, cute pics, wtf pics, funny Tumblr articles, tweets, and cools facts, etc..


Funny Pics

Funny Pics is a Free Mobile Application that's specially made for those men and women who wish to enjoy the ultimate funny stuff on their mobile device.  It enables its global users to navigate through one of the greatest and massive collections of funny photographs.



Tumblr is a Social Networking and Micro-blogging Free Online Application launched by David Karp in 2007.  This helpful service has just announced to prohibit adult content on its own platform.  It enables the users to post multimedia and other content into the short-form blog.



Amino -- Communities, and Chats is a social program that lets you explore, discover, and obsess over the things you're in to.  The application has plenty of communities, and every community has great content, the majority of people, and exciting events.  It's free to use the app available to use on Android and iOS platforms.



Memedroid is enjoyable to enjoy a program where you are able to enjoy amazing content, developed by Novagecko.  It's a free online application that's specially made for adults who wish to discover, view, upload, and stock humorous images, dank gifs, and funny jokes, etc..  It's straightforward and easy to use the program on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablet computers.



Instagram is a completely free Internet-based, Photo-Sharing Application which enables the user to share video and photos either publicly or privately to pre-approved followers.  It's the ideal way to catch and share the best moments of their lives with those you love.  With the support of this platform, you can follow your family and friends to see what they are up to and find accounts from all around the world, which are sharing things you love.



Facebook is a Social Media and Social Networking application that can help you make connections with friends, coworkers, and family members in a way like never before.  It's one of the greatest apps where you can find, share, and upload different types of stuff like pictures, video, text posts, and gifs, etc..


Ask FM

Ask FM is a Global Social Network Application where users create profiles and can send each other queries.  It is among the greatest application that helps you learn more about your friends by visiting their replies to questions you send their way.  It's over 200 million users around the globe who can learn about others and even yourself.



Reddit is an American Social New Aggregation, Discussion, and Internet Content Rating Application.  Within this stage, you can receive all of the latest content on the world wide web, find trending information, topics, funny clips, viral videos, and sexy memes, etc..  It connects you to all of the Reddit users worldwide with infinite scrolling, fastest loading, autoplay gifs, and easy to use scenarios.



Google+ is an Internet-based Social Networking Application owned and operated by Google, Inc.  This platform is specially made for folks that wish to share and discover incredible things regarding work.  It offers a great deal of new and enhanced features that make it better and unique than many others.  Among the most obvious characteristics of Google + is that it permits you to make ongoing conversations about specific topics.

More About StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is the most powerful Online Application, which enables you to find your favorite content directly under one stage.  The program is available to use on Windows, iOS, and Android mobile phones and tablet computers.  It helps the users to discover and speed web-pages, videos, and photographs that are personalized to your preferences.

The application use peer sourcing and social-networking principle to discover and deliver your favorite stuff.  Simply put your attention in the search bar, and it’ll serve up the perfect mix of interesting articles, photographs, videos, news, and quotes.

The content of this app also contains multiple categories which make it more easy and quick.  StumbleUpon functions as a social networking application where you can follow your buddies and discuss your discoveries.

The program is specially made for people who wish to discover and discuss all of the latest stuff.  Additionally, it enables their users to make a list of your favorite subjects and stick to the following list to find more information you love.  To make the service more engaging, it enables its users to share your discoveries via Facebook, Email, and SMS directly.  Overall it’s a gorgeous platform for all the individuals who wish to enjoy unstoppable latest and enjoy things.

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