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Terashare is a lightweight application to share documents. As soon as you share a document, Terashare creates a unique, secret connection. This secret link allows others to download the file directly from the computer.... read more

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9 Best Terashare Alternatives for iOS

Firefox Send

Send is a free encrypted file transfer service that enables users to safely and easily share files from any browser. With Send you can share file sizes up to 1GB quickly. To send files up to 2.5GB, subscribe to a free Firefox account.


SuperBeam is the quickest and easiest way to share huge files between Android devices using WiFi direct. Devices can be paired with QR codes (using the added QR code scanner), NFC or manual sharing key (PRO). No more clicks and guide approvals for connections. SuperBeam makes file sharing as easy and fast as it should have been, since it is 2014 already!

Send Anywhere

A cross-platform file sharing service that allows users to easily share digital content peer-to-peer, in real-time, without cloud storage. Unlike messenger or cloud-based storage apps, Send Anywhere allows the end-user to send as many files, of any file type and size, as many times as they desire, across Android, iOS, and Desktop.


WeTransfer is a service to send large or tiny files from A to B. It can transfer any sort of documents - such as presentations, photographs, videos, music or files - to friends and coworkers. You can send files up to 2 GB and they'll be available for 2 weeks, without an enrollment. Additionally, with WeTransfer Plus ($12 per month (including VAT) for our EU users and $12 a month for everybody outside the EU) it is possible to send files up to 20 GB, available for a longer time and password protected.


SHAREit is a technology company founded in April 2015. The business creates an app, also known as SHAREit, which can be used with various smartphone programs that enables users to share files between devices directly. SHAREit, exceptional sharing app with quick cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds such as pictures, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also added a strong media player, which makes it possible to handle & enjoy your own music and videos.


Xender File transfer - World's best phone to phone file transfer and app sharing. Get the simplest way to transfer file and app from one phone to another with high speed, no need for cable or Wifi or mobile connection and totally free unlimited data use.

Digital Pigeon

A big file delivery service for marketing & advertising services, electronic media producers, and creative studios. Never miss a deadline with our exceptionally fast and dependable support for sending and receiving gigantic files. We utilize enterprise-grade Amazon servers to be sure that your files are protected and delivered incredibly fast. We've got main file servers in four continents and edge servers in over 50 major cities across the world.


ProxToMe is the quickest way to chat and discuss Dropbox documents from your smartphone with your Facebook friends and people nearby. Move Gigabytes in an instant!


TransferBigFiles.com enables computer users to send large files to anyone. Videos, pictures, documents or any other document which is too large to send as an email attachment could be transmitted through TransferBigFiles.com

More About Terashare

Terashare is a lightweight application to share documents. As soon as you share a document, Terashare creates a unique, secret connection. This secret link allows others to download the file directly from the computer.

Terashare unites the P2P BitTorrent protocol with cloud upload. This means that individuals can download enormous files straight from your computer. Files smaller than 10 GB are also saved on our servers, so that your receivers can still download the file even if you switch off your computer. Terashare is faster than other services. Since the receivers download the document right from your PC, they do not need to wait till you’ve completed the upload into the cloud. The moment that you share the document, your receiver can download it.

Sharing and downloading files is totally free. Our prices are recovered entirely through one advertisement on the download page.
Terashare doesn’t have a limit on file size: if you and the receiver can save the file on your computers, Terashare can send it. However, it’s important that you understand that files larger than 10 GB aren’t uploaded into the Terashare servers. This means your receiver can simply download these large files as soon as your computer is switched on. If you change your computer off, the download will stop, but it is going to automatically resume as soon as you return online.

You can share whole directories: if you use the Chrome browser, you can pick the directory directly from this page. If you use another browser, you’ll have to go to that directory on your computer, right click it, and choose’Terashare it’ .

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