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Vumoo is an online streaming website, and it acts as a search engine that allows users to search for movies or TV shows. User can only stream that movies or favourite shows which is available on site.

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50 Best Vumoo Alternatives


WatchFree ZMovies is the best online streaming site for movies and TV shows for free. Users can watch a variety of films or other videos by creating a free account on it. Users can also download movies with different quality to watch them offline.


CimenaBox is an online streaming app that is used for Movies and many television shows streaming purposes. CimenaBox is available for different operating systems, such as iOS and Android. CimenaBox provides an easy interface for the user because it uses thumbnails for movies and TV shows that help users to find out what they actually want quickly. Users can access CimenaBox on any device and watch a variety of TV serials and movies with high-quality resolution. CimenaBox works slow while the user watches longer films and Television shows.



Popcornflix is one of the top online streaming websites that offer videos or movies and episodes. Users can start watching after creating an account, and there is not any fee to join or create an account. Popcornflix uses ads to make money off and provides free movies and TV shows.



Primewareshow is another good alternative to SolarMovie that provides an easy interface and a large number of movies. Users can also watch TV shows and favorite TV series. Many different links are available to view or download. If one link doesn’t work, the user can watch or download from other available links. All content on this site is available with high definition quality.


Housemovie is an online streaming website that offers movies and serials to users. Users can watch online videos from this site with little disturbance of ads. Users can avoid them by ad-blocking extension.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is free Bit Torrent client software that offers online video streaming services. Popcorn Time uses a peer-to-peer networking protocol. It uses a sequential downloading protocol for streaming videos from different websites.

Popcorn Time is easy to use its interface includes thumbnails and movies name in titles. Users can easily download movies from this website. When users want to download a movie, users have to click on the movie title, and the movie starts downloading via the Bit Torrent protocol.

Popcorn Time is perfectly legal to use. Popcorn time may not be permitted in many countries because it uses torrents as a source for serials or movies that users watch, so that’s why this is not legal in such countries. Many states allow users to use popcorn Time.

Users can use Popcorn Time without any VPN. Popcorn Time uses P2P technology that means most of the content is copyrighted. When a user watches movies or TV serials, it remains on temporary cache memory until the user shutdown or restarts the computer. There are many other online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Popcornflix, Stremio, and many others.


Lookmovie is a video streaming website that allows you to find and stream all of your favorite movies. Even the internet is filled with many similar websites, LookMovie makes movie streaming simpler and here you get HD Movies and Shows.

You can search for your desired movie or TV shows directly by typing in the search box available on the website. This can decrease your effort and In this way, you can avoid distractions from various movies as if you select it by categories, then it may happen that instead of watching your desired movie or show, you might get distracted from other much more exciting films or shows!.

In lookmovie you can filter by years also like if you want to see movies that were released in 2000, then you can easily select the year and enjoy watching movies of that year.

You can watch various movies of the year 1950 also! Yes, you read this sentence, right! Various movies from the year 1921 to 2020 are available on this site.


Netflix is a streaming website that allows its users to watch a variety of TV shows, documentaries, movies, and many others. Users can enjoy this site without any disturbance and ads. Users can always discover something new like new movies, new TV shows every month. If a user wants to watch shows and movies without any single commercial add, then the user has to create a premium Netflix membership account.


Finally, TV on your demand.  Stream your favorite videos, right from your browser, anytime. with complete episodes of TV shows both classic and current, full-length films, and videos of just about everything, Hulu is where to watch and revel in premium videos from the biggest names in entertainment.

Stream thousands of episodes from hundreds of present and Classic TV shows (with advertisements ) for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, computer, TV, and other devices with a Hulu subscription.

As good as Hulu is, it is not accessible for users outside of The US, even if you're paying for the service and happen to be traveling internationally.  Have a look at five different streaming solutions equipped to satisfy your needs while traveling overseas.

When it comes to Internet video streaming, Just a few names often come to mind.  But did you know that there are choices out there?  Hulu, in particular, is one of the very popular online streaming websites, but leaves much to be desired, even once you pay for their subscription service, Hulu Plus.

One difficulty with Hulu is that if you like to travel frequently or are located outside of America, it is pretty much off-limits.  You are not able to use it internationally, even if you're paying for the service and have been traveling out of the US at the moment.

Sony Crackle

Like Sony Crackle is a free video streaming platform owned by Sony Entertainment Company and developed by Mike Sitrin, Dave Samuel, Aviv Eyal, and Josh Felser.  This site offers movies, TV shows, and a variety of serials. Users can watch movies and TV shows with little disturbance because Sony Crackle has ads.


Hotstar is a video streaming platform by Star India and also known as Disney. Hotstar is available on multiple devices like android, iOS, and TV platforms. This website is running only in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.


This website allows users to watch movies, TV shows, news, and much more. GoMovies is similar to 123Movies. GoMovies is a secure and safe website to use. Users can use this site without facing any trouble.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an American television service developed in 2013 by Nick Grouf, Tom Ryan, and Ilya Pozin. It offers a variety of content. Users can watch and enjoy TV shows free of charge.


Money Snagfilms is a website that offers High-quality films and also an advertising site for independent films and documentary. Many filmmakers and documentary makers submit their content to Snagfilms for advertisement. Most of the literature included Nation Geography.


This streaming website provides a friendly user interface. It offers a variety of movies in high quality, and the user can watch them free of cost. This website does not need any account or subscription. Users can watch movies and series without any complexity.


MovieFlixter is a new online streaming website. This site provides useful information on a side to users about movies without affecting the usability of the site. Users can also search for his favourite film from the searching index. Users can enjoy online or watch movies with ease.


WatchFree is an online streaming site that offers a variety of movies and TV serials for users. Users can watch high-quality movies on this site. WatchFree provides a simple and straightforward interface so that the user can watch movies with ease.


YouTube is a platform by America where users can share videos on their channels. This service is created in February, and Google bought this in November 2006. YouTube provides every type of video like comedy, informational, music videos, and many others. Subscribe options also available for favourite Youtubers channels or celebrities.


PutLocker is the oldest online streaming website. It offers a variety of films for the users. It also provides a searching index for the users to search for their favourite movies.


VUDU is an American video streaming services and digital video store owned by Fandango Media. VUDU offers different benefits for users, such as transactional video on demand. Users can purchase films as well as extra services for streaming, and users can buy videos at retail prices. The company offers its services via mobile apps, online, digital media players, and smart TVs.


MovieWatcher is a streaming and downloading site that offers movies and TV shows. It provides a user-friendly interface that helps the user to watch online movies or their favourite TV shows easily.


Los-Movies is an online streaming site that allows users to watch high-quality cinema movies and movies with any restrictions. This site was created in 2017 and banned in 2018 when legal action was taken against the streaming site.


M4free is an online streaming site that allows users to watch their favourite movies, video clips, and TV shows. Users can view any content without any type of signup, ads, and subscriptions.


DIRECT NOW provides live streaming TV service and entertainment on demand. The user can enjoy sports, local news, shows, events and more. User can watch movies and favorite TV series anytime, anywhere.


SolarMovie is a great online streaming website that provides high-resolution movies and TV shows. This website offers many films from various countries; these are from America, Asia, Africa, and many others.

Most of the movies are in the English language. Some users call it Netflix, but it’s not because Netflix is another online streaming platform. The usability of this website is much better from other sites due to its well-designed interface. These new and attractive thumbnails help the user to find exciting TV shows and Movies without reading descriptions. Users can find any movie with the best quality on SolarMovie. It offers every type of film, like drama, action, fun, etc.

It also allows users to search according to different genres and years of releasing, as well as a good collection of many old movies. Users can download any movie for free or without any registration with few ads. Every person loves good movies and much other stuff, but it is not possible to be stuck to the TV. So, any person can watch a movie on this site easily. Some ISPs have banned the website due to copyright issues. There are many other online streaming websites available, like SolarMovie.

Huawei Video

Huawei Video is an online subscription service, especially for Huawei mobile users, because it is available on Huawei smartphones or tablets. Users can watch TV series and TV shows, short clips, documentaries, and much more via using the Huawei Video app.


Fandor was an American online subscription streaming or social video sharing platform. Fandor was designed in 2010 and launched in 2011. Fandor contains a variety of social videos such as independent films, silent films, foreign films, documentaries, and many others. Previously it was accessible through Sling TV, but Fandor was dropped on July 2, 2019, because in 2018 company sold its assets to another investment company and laid off its entire staff.

Butter Project

Butter Project is an open-source application for computer and mobile that allows video streaming via BitTorrent protocol and publishes 2005. The primary purpose of designing this application is to create a fully legal base streaming platform. This application offers full streaming functionality to users.


Stremio is a media center that offers entertainment videos. Users can easily watch and organize videos by installing add-ons. On Stremio, users can easily find out Movies, Television shows, Live TV shows, or web channels. Stremio is easy to use on every type of device and offers infinite entertainment videos and also provides excellent features.

Sling TV

Sling TV is premium live TV over the internet (20$ per month) launched in 2015. It is a great channel including TBS, TNT, ESPN, Disney Channel and much more. User can watch any time on computers, tablet, and mobile phones.


DuckieTV is an application for the TV show addicts because it offers a personalized TV show calendar. DuckieTV always provides up-to-date information and still provide un-restricted torrent links that help the users to download and get the right download quickly. DuckieTV can automatically start downloading shows that have been broadcasted. DuckieTV is available for Linux, Apple, and windows.


Jellyfin is media managing software that is developed to organized, manage, and also allows sharing media files over a network. Jellyfin consists of a server application that is installed on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Docker container and other applications on a user device like a tablet, smartphone, and smart TV.


Crunchyroll is an online video streaming service that offers more than 900 anime shows, more than 200 East Asian dramas for users, and much other digital content. Crunchyroll was started in 2006, and in 2017, Crunchyroll crossed one million paid subscribers, and in 2020 Crunchyroll has achieved roundabout three million paid subscribers. Crunchyroll is available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Italian, and Russian.

The MovieDB

The Movie Database is an online website that offers Millions of movies, Television shows, and people to discover. The MovieDB is available on multiple platforms such as Personal computers, Mobile devices, HoloLens, and Xbox One. Users can enjoy this site without ads and also maintain a personal watch list. Users can also find someone to watch and subscribe to the services.

YouTube TV

This is a subscription-based streaming channel. It includes a different kind of channels such as sports, music, photography and much more. User can create its own channel and post related videos to channel.

Amazon Video

Amazon video is an online service that provides video on demand or digital distribution services developed and operated by Amazon. it is also known as prime video in the market.

Amazon video offers a variety of digital content for its members, such as television shows and movies. Users can purchase concerts, original content by studios and films, or also get content for rent. Users can access Prime Video only by video membership that does not demand a full prime subscription. Users can only access the Prime Video content only from the dedicated Amazon video website. Amazon video also offers Amazon channels in some countries for its users that help the users to subscribe to other channels of content or suppliers.


Flixster is an American online Movies website that provides a variety of movies on it and also allows users to discover new movies, learning about film, and find out other similar movies. This site also allows users to watch upcoming movie trailers and learn about the new upcoming film at the box office.


User can earn Flixxo tokens for spending it to watch videos, it can also be transferred to a friend. User can watch any kind of video by spending coins.

BCE Premium TV

BCE Premium Tv is a live streaming channel for sports. Any user can access through mobile devices, tablets, TVs and desktop computers.


WebTorrent is an open-source streaming torrent client designed in JavaScript by Feross Aboukhadijeh. WebTorrent is a lightweight and faster torrent app for streaming videos or audio files. It provides a friendly user interface for the users.  WebTorrent offers an instant video streaming service because of WebTorrent download file pieces from the network for instant playback. WebTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming torrent client. There is also a WebTorrent Desktop streaming version that works as a bridge to connect both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers.e


You can watch free movies with this app. Download this app and watch hundreds of free movies on your phones and PC.

Prime Video

You can watch more than 90,000 movies and TV shows on this app. Streaming movies, Amazon instant video and TV shows can be watch by connecting to the internet on a computer, Mac, Blu-ray and more.


A user who subscribes XFINITY TV watch hundreds of demand movies and TV shows.


Playary organizes and collects music videos from youtube server wth music player user interface. Watch videos clips and listen to music from youtube.

Playstation Vue

This is a live streaming TV facility developed for Sony Playstaion consoles and available for multiple platforms such as mobile and online apps.


This is a free entertainment app with full of free content spread across many channels.


Yesmovies is a free online streaming and downloading site which offers movies, TV shows, TV series, and documentaries. Launched in 2016, it has gained immense popularity due to its simple and user-friendly design and a large collection of movies and shows. There are thousands of free streaming/downloading sites and YesMovies is one of the best among them.


FMovies is a piracy website that allows users to download and stream online thousands of movies and TV shows for free of cost. FMovies started in 2016 with a largely attractive compilation of video content featuring TV shows, Bollywood movies, and Hollywood movies. FMovies is often regarded as one of the top websites when it comes to watching movies for free online. About 1 million unique users land upon the FMovies website to watch and download pirated movies without spending even a single penny.


Vidics is a online streaming website that allows you to watch movies and TV series online for free. There is no need to register on the website.  You can also get information about the actors and watch trailers of upcoming shows or movies. A weekly TV show schedule is also available.

Vidics is a genuine alternative to the websites which can be considered for watching movies online for free of cost. this website not only gives you unlimited access to movies but also allows you to watch movies from all over the globe. You can search from different categories by using the navigation on the top.

One of the biggest noticeable option of this website is the “Schedule” tab which provides you with a list of movies and TV shows that get updated per day. Moreover, each movie has a short description of what it is about and the reviews of the actors’ performance in the movie.

However, the only disadvantage of Vidics is that not all of the videos have been translated into various types of language. This website seems to get continuous improvements to the service they provide to a huge amount of viewers out there.


Cinehub is one of the best free movie apps for mobile devices. The application holds a big inventory of the latest as well as most popular movies and TV shows. You can install CineHub on Firestick/Fire TV, Android Box, Android Smart TV, as well as on Roku.

Need an app to stream movies and shows directly on your Phone? Look no further as Cinehub got you covered. After the shutdown of Terrarium TV, there are hundreds of free movies apk published but the only HD movies app which is even better than the terrarium app is the Cinehub android apk. Cinehub is the only movie app apps that provide you the brilliant leisure of watching any movie or TV sow for absolutely free. Moreover, It does not require the user to deal with the hassle of signing up and you can start watching your favorite movies and shows as soon as you download the app.

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